Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knowledge sharing: From the Rural Road to the Internet Superhighway

It's common knowledge that scientists, extension workers, and farmers have a hard time accessing and sharing information on the best ways to improve their productivity and protect their farm investments. With this in mind, e-RAILS and the Innovation Platform for Technology Adoption were set up to facilitate virtual and face to face interactions for knowledge sharing and spreading the word about new technologies.

At a FARAweek side event, over 50 participants shared their experiences with the two programs. Overall, participants highlighted their positive experiences using these platforms, but many felt there was a need for greater investment in strengthening the capacity of all stakeholders to utilize these tools. Suggestions included the expansion of facilities, particularly internet access to enhance the effective use and accessibility of these tools.

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  1. E-rails is however limited to only some countries, there a critcal need for it to encompass as many countries in the region.
    It has not harnessed experiences from this excluded countries, while these countries are also excluded from tapping into opportunities available from e-rails.


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