Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New CAADP Commitments Signals ‘Tipping Point’ for Africa’s Farm-led Development

Three more African countries are expected to sign on to NEPAD’s CAADP agenda in the next week, says Martin Bwalya, head of CAADP.

Burkina Faso will sign the commitment by the end of the week. Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire are expected to sign on to CAADP by the end of next week. “African countries are embracing the agenda. Attitudes are changing,” said Bwalya.

“Meeting the CAADP goals will require both political and technical drive,” said Boaz Keizire, the AU’s technical advisor and implementation specialist for CAAPD.

“We are engaging with researchers to learn more about innovations available and sharing this information with our political leaders,” he said. ”FARAweek is an important event for Africa. Communicating progress and engaging with research is critical to implementing the CAADP agenda.”

To date, 19 African countries have signed the CAADP compact.

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